DAV Sr. Sec. Public School, Barmana (H.P.) is nestled in idyllic lap of Himalayan mountains. Established in 1984, the school came up as a joint venture of the DAV College Trust and the ACC Gagal Limited. Situated close to the majestically flowing Sutlej amid innocent Himachli villages and the towering ACC Plant, the school has acted as a light-house of knowledge for the wards of the ACC employees as well as the local populace.

Its geometrically designed red-bricked building has earned it the nickname of the "Red-Fort of Barmana".

Ever since its inception, the school has made rapid progress in every area. Its alumni have reached top positions. Many of them are plonking at high positions in Medicine, Engineering, Academics, Defence, Administration and the Corporate World.

The school has its local Management Committee(LMC) which formulates policies and guidelines for day-to-day smooth functioning of school. The LMC comprises of eminent persons from all walks of life. They include Educationists, Scholars, Administrators, Teachers and Representatives of DAV College Managing Committee. The School falls in the Mandi Zone of DAV Public School in Himachal Pardesh with office of the Regional Director located at Barmana itself.