Sports events at DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Barmana at Cluster level under DAV National Games 2022-23
 DAV Barmana  hosted 3-day DAV National Vollyball and Basketball CLUSTER Level Tournament from 14 th Oct. to 16th Oct.  in its premises with full enthusiasm. All the participants were welcomed with bands tied in their hands and the escort teachers were welcomed with cards. The Chief Guest of the event was Mr. Amitav Singh, Plant Head, ACC and his consort ,attended as Guest of Honour. Regional Director ,Mr. KS Guleria marked his presence as Presiding Officer  and his wife was welcomed as Special Invitee. 
The program started with Shrestha Bharadwaj holding the torch, the best runner of the school. Carrying this torch forward, the Sports Captains of various schools handed over the torch to Ankit Thakur, the Sports captain of the host school. He administered oath to all the players to play the game with the spirit of sportsmanship. Lighting lamps and fireworks all around ,lit up the whole Barmana ,the moment the monumental cauldron was set ablaze by Ankit Thakur. In the end the cultural program captivated everyone. The Chief Guest and ARO HP Zone C, praised this event very much and greatly appreciated the Principal of the school, Mr. Sunil Gangta for organizing such programs. Carrying on the Arya Samaj tradition, the games were started with a havan in which the captains of all the schools made oblations. 
The first match of Volleyball was held between the girls of DAV Senior Secondary Greyoh and DAV Senior Secondary ,Barmana in which the girls of DAV Barmana emerged victorious. After that, Greyoh was victorious in the girls' volleyball match defeating Manali. In Boys 'Basketball match, DAV Mandi was declared the winner in the match between Barmana and Mandi. In Basketball, Bilaspur emerged victorious in the semi-final match between Sunder Nagar and Bilaspur. In the semi-final match of Basketball between Kullu and Mandi, Mandi won. Manali made her mark in the Volleyball match of Ghumarwin and Manali. In the semi-finals of volleyball, between Barmana and Greyoh,the match remained indecisive because of dim light .
Closing ceremony of the games organized at DAV Senior Secondary School, Barmana at the cluster level under DAV National Games
The closing ceremony of the games organized at cluster level at DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Barmana on 16th October was very systematic and well planned. The final match of Girls' Volleyball between DAV Senior Secondary Public School Barmana and Greyoh was very exciting. After a fierce competition between the two teams, the team of the host school, DAV Barmana, emerged victorious and Greyoh was the runner-up. In Boys' Volleyball match ,Manali team emerged victorious and DAV Senior Secondary Public School Barmana was runner- up. In the final match of Boys' Basketball, DAV Senior Secondary Public School Mandi was the winner and DAV Bilaspur was the Runner- up. Meanwhile, in the Boys' football match held in Bilaspur, DAV Barmana was the winner and in the games held in Sunder Nagar, the girls of DAV Barmana won  first position in the chess. In the ceremony, not only the players were rewarded ,but they were  given an  entertaining sent -off  with a Western song and Haryanvi Dance. All the escort teachers were also honored, who encouraged the students in this three-day program and gave their full cooperation . All the escorts, coaches, guests present and students thanked the honorable Principal of the school, Mr. Sunil Gangta, while praising him for the hospitality. The program ended with the inspiring words of the observer ,Mr. Jaswinder Verma,Principal DAV Jamthal and the formal announcement of the closing of the event.
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