Mission and Vision  

Our Mission 

What we are Doing?

Our Mission statement is like a pole star guiding our organization. It spells out our goals, provides us a sense of direction, and guides decision - making for all levels of management. We commit ourselves

  •  to provide a wide range of holistic education to the budding youth;
  •  to create need-based workforce for academics, industry, business and management;
  •  to temper the synergy of Vedic heritage with scientific outlook;
  •  to strive for innovation in teaching, learning and evaluation; and 
  •  to act as a lighthouse for the transmission of global knowledge and attitudes...

Our Vision 

What We Wish to Do?
DAV Barmana has a clear-cut vision and a road-map to remain relevant and sustainable. Our Vision can be situated somewhere between the present grass-root realities and the silken dreams about future.
We envision to uplift this institute as high as hills
  •   by climbing beyond the peaks of excellence; 
  •   by hijacking over the barriers of caste, colour, creed and religion; 
  •   by exploiting the gains of technology to the maximum; 
  •   by merging with the society around; by participating in its concerns & problems;
  •  fairs and festivals, joys & aspirations.
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Barmana ACC Colony Gagal Cement Works, Bilaspur-174013
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