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  • Appeal for COVID-19.This being one of the most trying times, let us together, once again, rise to help the Nation in need.For reading complete msg visit davcmc.net.in
Mission and Vision  

Our Mission 

What we are Doing?

Our Mission statement is like a pole star guiding our organization. It spells out our goals, provides us a sense of direction, and guides decision - making for all levels of management. We commit ourselves

  •  to provide a wide range of holistic education to the budding youth;
  •  to create need-based workforce for academics, industry, business and management;
  •  to temper the synergy of Vedic heritage with scientific outlook;
  •  to strive for innovation in teaching, learning and evaluation; and 
  •  to act as a lighthouse for the transmission of global knowledge and attitudes...

Our Vision 

What We Wish to Do?
DAV Barmana has a clear-cut vision and a road-map to remain relevant and sustainable. Our Vision can be situated somewhere between the present grass-root realities and the silken dreams about future.
We envision to uplift this institute as high as hills
  •   by climbing beyond the peaks of excellence; 
  •   by hijacking over the barriers of caste, colour, creed and religion; 
  •   by exploiting the gains of technology to the maximum; 
  •   by merging with the society around; by participating in its concerns & problems;
  •  fairs and festivals, joys & aspirations.