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DAV Barmana has a very strong computer infrastructure, eye-catching interiors and logistics that make it our unique selling point. It is the place where the ideas of mind and language are converted into visuals. The lab is well equipped with various computers, speakers, printers and projectors.  The computer curriculum is updated from time to time keeping with the emerging trends in the information technology. Computer are using not for computer education, foundation of IT and Informatics Practices but is also used as a teaching aid for teaching other subjects in the knowledge centre and in the multimedia room which is connected with EduCom SMART technology. Students are given a practical exposure in taming the computers to make them surf their needs and purposes. It enriches their learning through a wide variety of multimedia programs and EduSat Programs. It aims not only to enrich students with innovative ideas and programs but also the staff.

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Barmana ACC Colony Gagal Cement Works, Bilaspur-174013
E-mail:[email protected]

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