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DAV Barmana is agile and updated adequately to move in gear with the need and aspiration of the stakeholders. It has introduced smart classes in 17 class Rooms from std 3rd to 12th in sept 2012 . Thus from blackboard to smart board  our school has  made   a huge transformation.

As a teaching aid for the teachers ,it is user friendly and has all the features like animation ,graphics, MCQ, weblinks , simulations, worksheet , real life  applications ,diagram makers ,learning assessments making teaching –learning process easy ,enjoyable ,interactive ,interesting and exciting

A coordinator from the Educomp has been appointed in the school for the smooth functioning of smart classes and for time to time up-gradation of modules and hardware ,and to assist the teachers in making their lesson plans.

The use of smart class has produced great results. It has added more clarity to conceptual understanding. It has made learning interesting, simple and increased learning  retention. It has brought abstract concepts to life .

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